About a mile long and covering just over 100 acres, Mohegan Lake is home to waterfowl, a wide variety of fish, and amphibians. It is also the crown jewel of the Mohegan Lake hamlet and and a beloved recreation area for swimming, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, and even sailing. The newest feature of Mohegan Lake is Rock Hill Park (formerly known as the Holland Sporting Club site), Yorktown’s most recently created park. Thanks to multiple seasons’ worth of volunteer efforts cleaning up the grounds and blazing hiking trails, the park is shaping up to be a great spot for enjoying hiking, bird watching, and generally communing with the great outdoors.
The Mohegan Lake Improvement District (MLID) oversees the lake, employing a seasonal lake manager and staff to maintain the lake, working with the town of Yorktown on issues related to the lake, and making decisions regarding water quality. MLID meets monthly, and residents are welcome to our meetings[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

CSLAP: Monitoring and Sharing Data

>MLID participates in the Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP), taking biweekly samples and monitoring quality throughout the summer season. The samples and reports are collected and compiled by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NY DEC) and the data is shared with all participants statewide. To learn more about CSLAP, visit the DEC website here.

Mohegan Lake Day

Every year, the lakeside community celebrates our lake together. Our various beach associations host events that highlight the many activities enjoyed on and around the lake, and we invite the general public to be our guests. Lake Day has activities for the whole family, like a fishing derby, boat races, encounters with wildlife with our local naturalists, and guided hikes. Visit a gallery of pictures of Lake Days past here.

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